Allison Williams Posts Selfie Wearing Half Makeup & Half No Makeup, Showing The Power Of Eyeshadow & Contouring

Allison Williams is giving us a little sneak peek of what Marnie is up to in season five of Girls, although I still haven’t figured out quite what it is. Allison Williams posted a selfie with one half of her face in full makeup and the other half makeup-free. The caption read, “Guess why Marnie might have this insane look? #90slips #Season5.” I have no idea why, but one thing I do know is that the makeup she’s wearing has caused quite the transformation.

When you see Williams, or any celeb for that matter, wearing makeup, it seems completely normal, but when you see it compared to the makeup-free side of her face, it's a bit alarming. Talk about all the wonders of makeup! Either way, Williams looks great, but I personally prefer her no makeup look to all of the bronzing and shading that’s going on. On the makeup side, her lips are lined in brown, her eyes have glimmery shadow on them, her brows are filled in, and on top of that, there’s contouring galore. It doesn’t look bad, per se, there’s just a lot going on. Makeup or no makeup, however, her eyes look amazing. I will say that her beautiful green color is really accentuated by the dark shadows in the makeup side of her face.

Whatever it is that her character is up to is sure to be interesting being that it requires such a glam moment with such heavy makeup.

For her time off-set though, Williams should stick to a look that’s more natural because, in my opinion, she looks even more gorgeous.