Which Celebrities Share The Royal Baby's Birthday?

In case you missed it, time for a catch-up session right about now: Early Saturday, Kensington Palace officially confirmed on Twitter that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, gave birth to a baby girl at St. Mary's Hospital in west London, at precisely 8:34 AM BST. We don't know much so far, except that the new princess weighs 8 lbs, 3 oz, second-time father Prince William was there for the birth, and both baby and mom are in good health. And, though the princess is as of yet unnamed, we do know one more key fact: the new royal baby's May 2 birthday makes her a Taurus. So, presumably, she'll be logical and persistent — two good traits for a royal to have.

May 2 is a pretty good birthday to have, as far as things like this go. It's one of the more common birthdays, if you look at this chart cataloguing Americans' birthdays via CDC records between 1994 and 2003 — and it's also a pretty common birthday for celebrities. A few notable British celebrities share the new princess' birthday, as well as a range of potential female role models who are nothing short of badass.

Here are all the celebrities who share the new royal princess' birthday. Now, you really have no excuse to ever forget this day.

David Beckham (1975)


He's about as close to British royalty as you can get without actually being royal.

Dwayne Johnson (1972)

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

You wouldn't expect Johnson and the princess to have a lot in common — but I'm sure they could bond over something, some day. A mutual love of Taylor Swift songs, perhaps?

Lily Allen (1985)


Another British celebrity who's practically royalty — music industry royalty, that is.

Catherine the Great (1729)

As a fellow member of the royalty club (albiet, way back in the day — like, 18th century back in the day), Catherine the Great was the ruler of Russia between 1762 and 1796, making her the longest-running female ruler of the country, ever.

Ellie Kemper (1980)


This rising comedic actress is the star of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Donatella Versace (1955)


The fashion icon shares a birthday with the princess.

Kay Panabaker (1990)

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You'll probably best remember Kay Panabaker from the Disney Channel (Phil of the Future, anyone?!) — though she's now a zoologist, which is also very cool.

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