Prince William & Prince George Coordinate Outfits To Visit Royal Baby, Make The World Swoon From Cuteness — PHOTO

Hold the phone, stop the presses, literally drop everything you're doing and look at this picture. Prince William and Prince George coordinated their outfits while visiting Kate Middleton in the hospital. Consider this a medical warning, because the following image may make your heart explode from sheer adorability.

As you may know, the royal family welcomed their newest member on Saturday. Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the wee hours of the morning, which serious Anglophiles have been waiting for for nearly two weeks. Even though the public is pretty serious about its royal baby devotion, I'm sure no humans were more excited about the new princess than those directly related to her. Meaning, of course, ecstatic parents Kate and William, the giddy grandparents, and of course, new big brother George. That is, I'm sure he's about as excited as a one-year old can be about anything that isn't ice cream/ funny faces/ puppies.

However much he understands what's actually going on, Prince George was an ideal child when he went to visit mom at Saint Mary's hospital on Saturday. Specifically, he went along with Dad's whim to dress him in a blue jumper/ oxford shirt to match his own blue jumper/ oxford shirt. Dad's got his collegiate swag, and son has threads to match. To complete the look, George sported some knee socks and saddle shoes. This child is a Norman Rockwell painting.

Please, guys. You're killing us with this. It's TOO sweet. Now, all we need to see is Kate and the princess in their matching outfits, and our lives will be complete.

Image: EOnline/ Twitter