Justin Bieber Defended Chris Brown Through Graffiti Because Of Course He Did

It would be really great if this entire article could just be the gutteral sound of the visceral annoyance I felt upon hearing about this story. Here are some key words so that you will join in my groaning: Justin Bieber. Chris Brown. Specifically, Justin Bieber defending Chris Brown.

More specifically? Justin Bieber spray-painted a wall in Colombia with the words "FREE BREEZY." The words were tagged onto a big purple arrow and located next to some other words like "chicken sh*t," "confident," and swag." Oh, and also a depiction of the Canadian flag as a giant weed leaf. You can watch the Colombian news report on it here.

Aahhh, the joys of one professional obnoxious person* defending another professional obnoxious person. Because we all know that what the world needs with this whole Chris Brown arrest thing is for everyone to just leave Breezy alone and let him get on with his normal schedule of punching people.

It's kind of like that time Justin Bieber suggested that Anne Frank might've been a Belieber if she'd lived past, y'know, the holocaust, but annoying in a whole new way. Rather impressive, actually, how he keeps doing that.

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*I would appreciate it if no Beliebers murdered me. Thank you.