How Much Is This Image Photoshopped?

We all know that the images we see in ads and magazine covers are retouched, but it's one thing to know it, and it's another matter entirely to see it. Which is why Rare Digital Art's time lapse photo retouching videos are something you need to see. Because it really is stunning how different an image can look before and after photoshop.

These obviously aren't the first time we've all seen the power of photo retouching. Over the years there have been plenty of photoshop fails, like that time Victoria's Secret removed a model's butt cheek, or when Old Navy tried photoshopping thigh gaps onto plus-sized jeans, or when Target's effort to photoshop in a thigh gap extended way too far upwards.

But even beyond the fails, there have been plenty of videos to drive home the point that those images we all look at and subconsciously aspire to, they aren't actually real. Just look at this video of pop star being made over in real time, or this video in which someone successfully photo shops a slice of pizza into a hot model. But really, as long as we're all being bombarded with these images all the time, it pays to remind yourself often that they don't represent reality.

It really is amazing the lengths we go to in order to make people look "perfect." Here are three things from the Rare Digital Art video that I honestly can't believe get retouched.

The Webs Of Sink Between Someone's Fingers



Human beings have skin connecting their fingers. Why take that out?

See what else they do to this model below.

The Wisps Of Hair By Someone's Ears



It's normal for the short hairs by your ear not to make it all the way up into an up-do. Why pretend otherwise? How does that even look bad?

See what else they do to this model below. Trust me, that's not the only thing they do to her hair.

The Lines in Someone's Lips



It's subtle, but it's there. But what I don't understand is why anyone bothers to do it, no matter how little a thing it may seem. Lines in your lips aren't even a sign of aging. Why should they get altered at all?

See everything else they do to this image below.