Guess Who's Attending The 2015 Met Gala?

Although her name hasn't been seen on any official guest lists yet, Entertainment Online has announced that Beyoncé will be attending the 2015 Met Gala. And I couldn't be more excited to see one of my favorite stars shine at one of fashion's most exciting and creative evenings of the year.

Last year, Beyoncé stunned us all in her gorgeous and vintage noir-inspired look created by Givenchy. Though sources still haven't said whether hubby Jay-Z will be attending the gala with Queen Bey, I'm sure she'll sparkle just as much on her own if she goes solo. The list of which designers each attendee will be wearing is by no means public, and in fact, heavily guarded, so we'll have to keep our mind's guessing until she's seen on the red carpet tomorrow. But with her fabulous looks from recent years, I know she will not disappoint.

This year's theme is "China: Through the Looking Glass." And Silas Chou, Hong Kong based fashion business man, will serve as the ball's honorary chair with Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lawrence, Wendi Murdock, Gong Li, and Marissa Mayer as co-chairs.


Bey's gorgeous ensembles from 2011-2014 have all featured dark colors, and of course, have looked stunningly elegant on her gorgeous curves. But this year, here's to hoping she incorporates some different colors in her dress.

Although she just wore an incredible red jumpsuit at the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight last night, she could still pull off a mostly red ensemble at the gala with some brilliant design work. Here's to hoping for bold prints and fire engine hues.

As far as which designer I hope she sports tomorrow, I think Valentino would be a great match as the brand's spring/summer 2015 couture line showed off some stunningly intricate details that would work beautifully with the exquisite attention to detail that is Beyoncé's style.

Images: Getty