The Most Embarrassing Songs On Your '90s Mixtape

The '90s were an embarrassing decade: The bucket hats and dorky t-shirts, middle-parted hair, glitter eyeshadow, and of course, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. If you grew up in the '90s, you probably wore it all and loved every second of your body-glitter-coated existence. Most of your old relics are probably long gone and the photo evidence of your acid wash, high-waisted jeans buried deep in the back pocket of a photo album in a closet. You'd probably like to forget what you looked like during the '90s, and you've probably buried all memories of your light-up sneakers so far back in the creases of your brain they'll probably stay there forever. What you can't forget, though, is the embarrassingly awful music you enjoyed, because the proof lives on in your mixtape collection, and as a result, so does your once-passionate love for Hootie and the Blowfish.

Before you attempt to destroy your old, now obsolete tapes or try to sell them online because they're now considered vintage and someone might actually pay money for your 12-year-old self's taste in music, let's revisit the embarrassingly awful songs on your mix tapes from the '90s you wish you could forget, but can't.

"Summer Girls," LFO

So bad, it's almost...Nope. Still embarrassing.

"MMMBop," Hanson


"Macarena," Los Del Rio

The song that played at every wedding reception everywhere for the next ten years.

"Push," Matchbox Twenty

It's not that this song is so terrible. It's the crippling shame that comes with recalling how you used to sing along earnestly because Matchbox Twenty just gets you.

"Sex & Candy," Marcy Playground

I'd like to point out that incorporating sugary food products into sexual activity is an infection just waiting to happen. The more you know.

"Walking On The Sun," Smash Mouth

What is Smash Mouth, even?

"What's My Age Again," Blink 182

The anthem of angsty, anti-establishment middle schoolers of the late '90s.

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