Who Is Your Fave Minor 'Bob's Burger' Character?

The Belcher family is a flawless group of characters. Anyone who loves Bob's Burgers can attest to that fact. However, Bob's Burgers is one of the rare television shows that features a sprawling cast of recurring minor characters. Like The Simpsons before it, Bob's Burgers has populated its world with funny, unique characters at every turn. They don't show up in every episode, but characters like Darryl, Jimmy Jr., and Zeke all make the already great show so much better. With so many minor characters running around the Bob's Burgers nameless seaside town, chances are you not only have a favorite Belcher, you probably have a favorite recurring character as well.

Do you look forward to seeing Mr. Fischoeder? Were you thrilled to see Linda's sister Gayle get her own episode in season 5? Are you secretly a huge Tammy fan? The character you choose might just tell us a little bit about your personality. After all, there is a big difference between people who identify with Tina and people who identify with Gene. The same goes for people who favor Teddy over his stoolmate Mort. Are you ready to find out what your fave minor Bob's Burgers character says about you? As Tina would say, don't have a crap attack because it's time to dive in.

Jimmy Jr.

"Dancing on My Own" is the theme song to your life. You are passionate, artistic, and temperamental when it comes to people criticizing your work. You just want to express yourself and you are not shy about doing it anywhere, anytime.

Mr. Fischoeder

You appreciate eccentricity on a deeper level than most people. Maybe it's because you have an eccentric side yourself. Whether it manifests in a collection of garden gnomes (even though you have no garden) or in your irreverent fashion sense, let your freak flag fly proud.


Liking Tammy does not mean you were a mean girl, but it probably does mean Heathers is your favorite movie. It's likely Tammy's youthful dramatics that draw you to her. She reminds you of the simpler times of your teen years that so felt crazy intense when you were going through them, but seem so silly now.


You are an incredibly kind and generous person. You are also a tad bit overzealous, but your friends appreciate your enthusiasm for all the things.


Like Darryl, you are nerd chic. You are fully aware that being smart and being cool are the same thing, and you know how to make your status work for you in every situation.


Gayle is the stereotypical kooky aunt, and while you are no stereotype, you totally appreciate how open Gayle is about her feelings. When she's sad, lonely, or ecstatic she tells everyone about it, and to be completely honest, you wouldn't mind being able to do the same thing.

Regular Sized Rudy

No matter what life throws at you— rampaging poultry, asthma, weekends spent alone with a bean bag chair on a wine train —you never let it get you down. You're a fighter with the chill factor of James Bond.


Being mild-mannered is not a bad quality, but it can be if you let people take advantage of your good nature. Your sweetness makes everyone love you. That doesn't mean you can't stand up for yourself though. If they're your real friends they'll want to know how you really feel.


Loyalty is your greatest strength. You have a tough exterior, but when it comes to the people you love, you are a total softie.

Ollie & Andy

Whether it is with a family member, friend, or significant other, you have some serious codependency issues...but, luckily for you, you and your other half are so darn cute no one is ever going to call you on it.

Mr. Frond

You have a job in a field you are super passionate about, but it is crazy hard work. That just means even the smallest victories are worth celebrating.

Jimmy Pesto, Sr.

Everything makes you competitive, including conversations. It's okay to dial it back a little, no one is going to think less of you if you lose Trivia Crack every now and then.


You are a nice person and everyone loves you. Really. Please don't hurt me.

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