13 Animals Who Are SO Excited It's May The Fourth

Happy Star Wars Day! Today is May the Fourth, which means the Internet will spend the next 24 hours posting pictures of cosplay, memes, and the hashtag #Maythe4thbewithyou to celebrate one of the most brilliant holidays ever. Star Wars Day is a day built only on a pop culture pun, and it has spread like wildfire since it was first coined in 1979. In fact, it's really kind of amazing how a series of films that premiered almost 40 years ago is still so prominent in the world of fandom. And it's basically the OG fandom, so it makes sense.

But humans are not the only ones getting into the spirit of the day. Animals small and large are letting their fandom flags fly and are rocking the coolest costumes around. They're dressing up like Leia, Yoda, Darth Vader, and your other Star Wars faves, and I've found some of the best photos capturing animal fandom the Internet has to offer. Also? They're pulling off these looks better than most humans. So to celebrate Star Wars Day, here are all the pets dressing up as the most iconic fictional characters of all time — and having a way better time than you. May the Fourth Be With You, fangirls and boys.

1. These two Frenchies

His and hers Star Wars date outfits. Who knew dogs could be geeks?

2. This pug, who is radiating sheer wisdom right now

It's all in the underbite.

3. This lil' pup, who is just happy to be included

I'd really like to borrow that earhat.

4. These two pugs, keepin' it real

Best Yoda impression EVER.

5. This dog who is actually a PRINCESS

Treat her as such.

6. This poodle who is armed and dange... Nah.

Just 100 percent adorable.

7. How menacing is this cat, BTW?

Seriously, LOOK. OUT.

8. Super psyched to be here, this dog is not

But treats have been promised sooo whatever.

9. The knit buns are our only hope

Now let's get her in the gold bikini.

10. The dog that is basically Chewbacca's long-lost twin

The resemblance is striking.

11. Cannot handle the cuteness

I think I just died.

12. OK, the award for best costume goes to...

This is incredible.

13. And then there's this dog...

This dog is your father.

Image: Aimee Quiggle, Colure Caulfield, Nastassia Alvarez, Matt Hamm, Pets Adviser, Robb Wilson, Mike McClune, istolethetv/Flickr; Riesa Lakin