Your Relationship With Your Mom Then Vs. Now

The older you get, the more complicated life gets. And with age comes a major shift in your relationship with your mother. Your mother-daughter bond will undoubtedly morph into something completely different than the one you had as a kid. Once you're an adult, she will have less of a need to take care of you, and hopefully, will feel like more of a friend than a mom. You'll be able to share your struggles and accomplishments, and you two can just admire each other's strength as opposed to trying to meddle in each other's business.

This Mother's Day, acknowledge your new adult relationship with your mom. Celebrate the bond you have now, and reminisce about the one you had then. Because this is the same woman who changed your diapers, who bandaged your scraped knee, and who let you cry all over her shirt when the first boy you loved smashed your heart into a million pieces. But now, you're both adults, and while she'll still offer that shoulder to cry on, she knows you're smart enough and tough enough to get through any of life's hurdles on your own. Here are all the other ways your relationship with your mom becomes different when you're an adult.

1. Your Love Life

Then: She tells you what time to come home from your date, and warns you that the "bad boy" you've been crushing on doesn't deserve you.

Now: She asks about whom you've been seeing lately, and is fascinated by the world of modern dating. She's still not completely clear about what Tinder is, however.

2. Your Career

Then: She pushes you to make a decision about what you want to be when you grow up, and she warns you that drifting aimlessly is what gets you a lifetime of mooching and living in her basement.

Now: She asks you how work is when you see her, and no matter what your answer is, she reminds you she's proud of you.

3. Your Health

Then: You get a cold or fever, and she takes a week off of work to make sure you make a full and speedy recovery.

Now: You get a cold or fever, and she asks if you've been doing all the stuff she used to do for you back in the day.

4. Your Hobbies

Then: She thinks they're cute, and hopes they turn into a possible career path.

Now: She thinks they look fun, and wants to do them with you.

5. Your Happiness

Then: Mom knows best, and tries to keep you from making any decision that could leave you unhappy for even a second.

Now: Mom knows that when it comes to your happiness, you know best. And she stays back and offers support whenever she can.

6. Your Struggles

Then: She wants to immediately be involved and do whatever it takes to minimize your pain and disappointment.

Now: She knows you're strong enough to get through it, and she tells you that.

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