Madonna Reminds Us Yet Again That She Kissed Drake

Have you set aside time yet today to remind yourself that Madonna kissed Drake? I'm referring, of course, to Drake's performance with Madonna at Coachella this year, when she bent over him after a medley of her songs, and straight up sucked his face. And mind you, that's not a phrase I would normally use, because I graduated eighth grade a good long time ago — but it couldn't be more accurate — so I'm powerless against it.

Anyway, everybody had a lot of feelings about it at the time, but I think we assumed we'd treat it the way we always do when two celebrities kiss — by obsessing about it for a minute, then going on our merry way, our lives changed almost imperceptibly by the fact that two famous touched tongues. Particularly when it's a liplock as seemingly awkward as that one was. But this is Madonna we're talking about, so she doesn't go away so quietly. Oh nay nay nay! Instead, she seems to be interested in wringing every possible bit of exposure out of that make out, most recently bringing it up repeatedly in a Q&A session.

The forum was something called an Ask Anything Chat for Saturday Online , and it entailed Madonna reading fan questions from her home while drinking wine, eating pizza, and vaguely slurring her words. Oh, and bizarrely trash-talking Drake and his tonsil hockey skills, three weeks after the fact.

So wait... she's calling him a girl? I don't get it.

Regardless of her feelings toward the actual kiss, she still spent a lot of time reminding us that it happened!

Images: BuzzFeed/Saturday Online