12 Incredible Campaign Logo Ideas For Hillary

Between the opinion pieces, the hashtags, and the TV spots about Hillary Clinton's campaign, there's hardly an angle to her 2016 run that the American public hasn't gotten its eager hands on. But one medium has been largely ignored, and it's kind of a travesty: Hillary Clinton campaign artwork. Thus far, many of the images related to Clinton's campaign are gruesomely amateurish Photoshop deals created by her opponents to belittle her campaign. Only Jimmy Kimmel has really tapped into the minefield of opportunities presented by possible Hillary Clinton campaign logos.

There are so many options for the campaign logo of the most promising female candidate we've ever seen. Clinton has several instant identifiers, like her signature hairstyle and her iconic initials. She's been in the public eye for so long that people of all ages will recognize them. Many of the ideas designers have dreamt up for new logos are centered around the image of a dominant H; even Clinton's official logo relies on the immediate recognition that will associate with a giant H. Though some have criticized it for being overly simplistic, the idea is probably that Clinton's logo will elicit a response from an American public that has learned a Pavlovian response to the letter H.

It's about time — the letter 'H' hasn't really had its moment in politics since the early 2000s, when we all needed something to differentiate between the elder and younger George W. and George H.W. Bush. But these aren't the only options for a trailblazing new campaign logo for Hillary Clinton.

We had some ideas of our own...

Five Dollar Footlong

A great deal, full of flavor, and it only takes a small donation? Count us in!

Fast Fashion

The iconic H&M logo gets a new twist with this take, which will no doubt appeal to shoppers and designers alike — we all know H&M doesn't miss a chance to make a killer graphic tee.

Hipster Nation

This logo could appear on an economically, ecologically, ergonomically friendly coffee cup in Brooklyn, just down the street from Hillary's new campaign headquarters.

British Invasion

Bill and Hillary — or as I prefer to call them, Billary — haven't shown Beatles-esque singing promise thus far, but what I wouldn't give to see a duet...


She's popular, entertaining, and in tune with the public — or as I like to say, hip to the groove.

Have a super-patriotic version, for your enjoyment:

The Right Direction

This is probably the logo I'm most excited about. I just think Hillary and the man-boys of One Direction have a lot in common, and One Direction's iconic logo has a lot in common with Hillary's already, what with the arrow facing right and all.

I'm sure all of them, Zayn included, would be happy to let her use the concept art for their brand for her campaign.

It also feels important to include this:

Highway to Hill

There are so many options here. HC/DC is definitely a possibility — because the White House is in D.C. — but HC/16 makes more of a statement. If the logo kept the DC at the end, people might not even be able to tell it apart from the actual AC/DC logo.

It is also vital to include the "Highway to Hill" on the bottom. Personally, I think this phrase could do well as a campaign slogan. It has a ton of marketing potential, and it would also be cool to get AC/DC to write a campaign song. Which leads us to our next contender...


This logo makes a serious statement.

Funny Lady

Incorporating Hillary's hair into the image of her campaign is pretty clever: After all, she once said she can change headlines by changing her haircut. Could she be as funny as Conan, though?

A Very Powerful Family

There's a lot going on for the Clinton family both at home and at work. Trying to manage an entire country would be pretty stressful, I'd bet, what with rivals constantly trying to bring you down. But we really, really don't want to see a war — mob or otherwise.

An American Classic

Just seeing the logo makes you sing the theme song in your head. "The Cliiiiintonnnnns..." It's a classic way to make people remember you for years (and years and years and years).

The Queen

Things we can all agree on:

1. A candidate you can believe in.

2. Coffee drinks that legally qualify as a form of ice cream.

3. This logo.

Images: Bustle