'Revenge' Ratings Spike After The Show's Cancellation, Proving You Don't Know What You Got Until It's (Almost) Gone

It's all about to end for Emily Thorne. ABC cancelled Revenge in April, meaning that Season 4 will be the last chapter of Emily's vengeance that we'll see. It's a bit disappointing — we watched the ruthless blonde take names across four seasons only for the show to end her journey with only mere weeks of notice. Of course, its that shock that might have actually caused some viewers to tune in. According to Deadline, ratings for Revenge are up following the cancellation announcement, proving that TV fans don't know what they got 'til its gone. Maybe "Big Yellow Taxi" should play as the credits roll on the final episode.

It's more than just nostalgia for a once-beloved show that is making now occasional viewers tune into the series while its on its deathbed: people want to know what's going to happen to Emily in the last few episodes of the series. While Revenge is certainly a thrill ride, the past season or two have felt slightly lackluster in terms of actual purpose. Conrad Grayson is dead. David Clarke was never dead. Victoria Grayson is (fake) dead. Even if Emily stays in prison for Victoria's murder, where's the story? Her revenge story is over, and now so is ours — literally. Why not tune in and see how the world burns?

It all ends May 10. Hopefully Revenge will go out with the bang it deserves.

Images: ABC (screenshot); Giphy