Celebrity Perfume Lines Get a Boost as Jay Z and the Olsen Twins Each Release Signature Scents

Good news for perfume fiends: There are some scents in the works with big-name creators, and they're almost, almost at our fingertips. Both perfumes are a first, in different ways, for the artists behind them, and although we can't smell them through the computer screen (yet — get on that, Google), we have more than enough reason to believe that they'll be our go-to scents in a month or two. Let's check in on who's been in the lab mixing up the good-smelling stuff:

Who: Jay Z, who's apparently not pulling out of his now-controversial Barney's collaboration at all — in fact, he's adding to it with this scent.

What: Gold by Jay Z, the first men's fragrance that Hova has released under his own name (he's previously designed colognes for Rocawear).

When: November 20 at Barneys; expect a guerilla-style marketing campaign up until then (example: handing out perfume samples to people waiting in line for Broadway tickets).

Hilarious detail: Apparently Jay Z rejected 3,200 names for the scent before alighting on "Gold." Sure, perfume-making involves a series of tough decisions, but it's kind of the most obvious name ever for a Jay Z scent. "Watch the Throne" was literally released with a gold-embossed cover.

Why we care: The cologne has top notes of cardamom, yellow ginger, grapefruit, and blueberry. If it's anything like the luxe-minimalist aesthetic of the rest of Jay Z's Barneys collaboration, the ladies will be buying it, too.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, our fashion spirit animals and textured hair gurus.

What: Their first perfumes for Elizabeth and James, "Nirvana White" and "Nirvana Black."

When: In late January, the scents will be released in Sephora stores in North America and on sephora.com, late January — in other words, too far from now.

Adorable detail: Mary Kate got to "play dog trainer" on the set of the perfume's photo shoot (which features a naked model and a black dog).

Why we care: The Olsens have developed a serious reputation for quality in the fashion game, and there's no reason to doubt that their new fragrances will be anything but carefully curated and super stylish. The fragrances took almost two years to develop; they convey, according to Mary Kate, a sense of intimacy, while Ashley says that they embody "that one moment where you feel comfortable, sexy and at ease with yourself." Nirvana White features peony, muguet, and musk notes. Nirvana Black is violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. Yeah, we'll do anything to be more like an Olsen.

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