Did 'Gotham' Really Kill Fish Mooney?

The Gotham season finale dispatched a bunch of characters, and showed villainous turns for a bunch more. Fish Mooney had a fist-pumping moment of victory when she killed Don Maroni, but then we saw Penguin throw Fish off of a rooftop just a few scenes later. But did Fish Mooney really die? Because after Penguin had his triumphant moment where it seemed like Oswald pushed Fish off of the roof, I noticed that they didn't do the traditional "pan down and see the victim laying flat on the ground as a trickle of blood forms around them" scene. Instead, viewers were treated to an open ending for the character. So should we assume that she was crushed and that's that? Or could Fish Mooney live to see another day?

Real life is sometimes the worst spoiler of all, and Jada Pinkett Smith has already promised that she's not going to be involved in Gotham Season 2. But maybe she just meant that she won't be in the main cast, but could appear for an occasional cameo appearance. I'd sure love to see what would happen if Butch was secretly still working for her while becoming Penguin's right hand man, always angling for an opportunity to backstab the young supervillain for trying to murder his real boss and friend. And it would have a certain poeticism because when Penguin was Fish's underling, he was constantly trying to betray her. I'd love to see her reclaim her position!

Fish did seem to forgive Butch really quickly for shooting her, and anytime something bad happens to a mobster on Gotham, they immediately announce that it was all a part of their "plan," so maybe Fish knows something about falling off of a skyscraper the rest of us don't, and somehow she'll be returning at some point in Season 2. Right now, thought, there won't be any more Gotham until fall (*sob*), so for the moment I guess Penguin got what he was looking for: he's the "King of Gotham" City.

But of course, even the Gotham Twitter account has to be tricky — they describe water as a fish's element, clearly hinting that Fish may have survived by falling into water and swimming to safety. The answer to "did Fish really die?" will just have to wait until September... it can't come fast enough.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy