5 Reasons That Prove Rihanna Is, In Fact, Royalty

Prince William and Kate Middleton might have just welcomed a princess into royalty, but clearly Rihanna at Met Gala 2015 has proved herself to be royal, too. At this year’s Met Gala, Rihanna wore a Chinese yellow dress and blew all her fans away.

Many celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, had long dresses that trailed behind them, but they were all topped by Rihanna’s extravagantly long, embellished cape, designed by Guo Pei. Guo Pei designs high-end Chinese couture pieces so it makes sense why Riri is looking like an empress.

On a more serious note, Rihanna was one of the few to really follow the Met Gala’s dress code theme of, “China: Through the Looking Glass” in her gown and cape. Even former editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine gave a shoutout to Rihanna on Twitter saying, “Bravo to @rihanna for actually wearing a Chinese designer (yet *scowl emoji* at the lack of representation from other celebs).” Agreed.

While Rihanna was totally killing it on the red carpet, she reminded so many of us of a true Chinese empress. I'm pretty much convinced that she's just as royal as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Here’s 5 pieces of proof that Rihanna is total royalty, just based off what she wore at Met Gala 2015:

1. Yellow was worn by Chinese royalty

2. Only royalty can wear huge capes with trains that require at least three people to carry it behind her

3. Rihanna was wearing a crown-like headpiece

4. She looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast

5. Royal women are total showstoppers

Images: makings_of_a_maverick/Instagram, sheenmagazine/Instagram, luxettelingerie/Instagram, mellonotyellow/Instagram, jassproducts/Instagram