How To Get Gigi Hadid's 2015 Met Gala Hairstyle

Gigi Hadid was sure looking gorgeous (as usual) at this year's Met Gala, dressed in her sexy red gown. However, the fiery red dress was balanced with Hadid’s 2015 Met Gala hairstyle of beautiful loose curls. It's the perfect look for any event, from prom to date night, and if you want to replicate her hair, we know just what you need to do. Just FYI: You’re going to need some Moroccanoil products.

Hadid’s hairstylist, Jennifer Yepez for Moroccanoil aimed “to complement the deep v-neckline of Gigi Hadid’s Diane von Furstenberg dress,” by creating, “a youthful, soft-textured style that perfectly balanced her gown’s ultra-sexy red color.” In order to achieve the soft look Yepez created, you must first wet your hair and apply Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse. Be sure to start from the root and work your way to the tips of your hair. This way, you’re creating volume at the top in addition to adding some body to sides.

Next, add a drop of Moroccanoil Treatment Light to the tips of your hair and blow out your hair using a Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Classic Brush. When your hair gets to va-va-voom status, it’s time to add some curls with a 1 ¼ inch barrel curling iron. Be sure to alternate curling directions to give it that soft look. Next, squeeze out a dime-sized amount of Hydrating Style Cream and work it through the mid-lengths evenly. Lastly, you’ll want to hold your masterpiece together by spritzing Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray (Strong) — don’t be shy with it!

The last step? Slip yourself into a sexy dress and work it all night like Gigi.

Image: femmeluxe/Instagram