Happy B-Day, Adele! Thanks For Making Us Cry

I don’t typically like to make blanket statements, but whatever, I’m going to anyway. I think I can safely say that when it comes to Adele songs, we are all masochists. I mean, think about it. We propelled her haunting and emotionally draining songs to bonafide hit status on the charts, we gave her more Grammys than her arms can hold, and when she’s not penning or recording these three-minute bouts of despair, we beg her for more musical devastation, as soon as she can possibly give it. An alien who came to Earth would probably ask what the hell was wrong with all of us.

There is a reason for this seemingly widespread insanity, though: Adele’s music encapsulates the meaning of catharsis. We all have pain, whatever the source, and these tunes allow us to channel all of that otherwise bottled up emotion. We belt it out in the car on the way to work, in the shower mid-exfoliation, or with a drunken bravado up on a karaoke stage. Basically, to use one of my favorite phrases, Adele’s music hurts so good . And here are 11 of her songs that give life to that very sentiment.

Disclaimer: Tissues are sold separately from this article.

"Turning Tables"

True fact: No matter wherever you are, when this song plays, a storm cloud hovers over head to provide the right ambiance.

"Make You Feel My Love"

This cover requires a personal day from work and an emotional support animal. But really, you needed some time off anyway and companionship is good for you. Right?

"Someone Like You"

The perfect song to accompany you on your reckless trip down your Facebook timeline.

"Don't You Remember"

The kind of song you hope you get stuck in traffic for. Double the masochism!

"One And Only"

Semi-upbeat tempo, you say? Ha. Yeah, no, you're still not getting out of this one alive.

"First Love"

Woof. The anthem to your very own guilt trip.

"Set Fire To The Rain"

The song that plays as you exit the hair salon from your drastic, post-breakup haircut.

"I Can't Make You Love Me"

Just wear a scuba mask and you'll be fine. There's an real sense of empowerment after your survive a flood of your own tears.

"Rolling In The Deep"

If you're not heaving for air when this song is over, you did it wrong.

"Chasing Pavements"

Gosh, Adele. You're so right. *Quits job. Books one way ticket to Paris. Opens up a crepe shop and hopes for the best*

"You'll Never See Me Again"

Step 1: Fill your bathtub. Step 2: Pour Wine. Step 3: Light a crap load of candles. Step 4: Feel.