7 Things To Do Instead Of A Honeymoon

Honeymoons sound like a magical time, a way to get to know each other even better, and relax after the crazy wedding planning. But they can also be incredibly expensive, and a lot of us simply aren't going to have them in the cards right after our wedding — or at all. But that doesn't mean we can't mark the occasion with something equally special. There are plenty of fun things to do after the wedding you and your partner probably haven't considered.

Being together during the honeymoon phase can feel intoxicating or fun regardless of the venue, says Allen Wagner, a Los Angeles and Calabasas based marriage and family therapist who specializes in couples and premarital counseling. "As relationships move forward and people move in together, the novelty of one another wears down, and the frequency of being apart from one another is reduced. This time apart may have been the time you spent with friends, or participated in clubs. Now, perhaps you or partner would like to increase joint activities and interests to rejuvenate the relationship," says Wagner. Now is the time to consider what will these be.

1. Put together a top 5 wishlist of things you want to do in your hometown

In place of your honeymoon, take a few days off after the wedding to check these off your list, says Kristen Rocco, Founder of Love Notery. Take pictures along the way to document your experience. To make your post-nuptial celebration more intimate, consider staying at a hotel.

2. Get naughty photos taken

"I have had couples who couldn't get away from work to take a honeymoon do a couples boudoir session. It's romantic and fun and local!" says photographer Michelle Balducci-Connelly.

3. Check something off your joint bucket list.

Anything on your bucket list — skydiving, zip lining, swimming with dolphins, attending a music festival — could all make for an intimate experience together that creates long-lasting memories, says Rocco.

4. Build skills together

Have you both wanted to learn how to cook? Sign up for a private one-on-one class and learn a new still together, says Rocco. It's not only going to be an amazing experience in the moment, but it will be something you can enjoy as a couple for years to come.

5. Take a mini-moon

It's becoming more common these days to take a quick trip to a location that's within a few hours of your home. Find a cute bed and breakfast and spend a few days away, says Julia Pavlovski of Wedding Wise.

6. Stay in and unplug

Watch movies, order in your meals and just spend some time with your new husband or wife at home. Turn off your cellphones and bask in your new marriage, says Pavlovski.

7. Hang out with family and friends

If you have a lot of family and friends that traveled to your wedding, make plans with them in the days following your wedding, says Pavlovski. The wedding day happens so fast and you may not get to chat with them as much as you would like. Spend time with them after the wedding, they will love seeing more of you!

Images: Leo Hidalgo/Flickr; Giphy