Dorinda Medley's Dog Is The New 'Real Housewives of New York' "It" Pet — PHOTOS

As an avid Real Housewives viewer, I am always a little bit hesitant and nervous when a new cast member arrives on any of the series in the franchise. I wonder if I'm going to like her. I worry about how her presence is going to affect the dynamic among the ladies. Plus, this is not just one new person. I have to "get to know" their kids, boyfriend or husband, and even the Real Housewife's pets. For instance, Real Housewives of New York City's newest cast member Dorinda Medley and her dog, Lucy.

This might sound a little absurd to the casual viewer, but loyal Real Houswives fans surely get what I'm saying. In some weird one-sided way, we are really welcoming these ladies into our lives by watching their television shows. And yes, this even includes their pets. There have been plenty of furry scene stealers over the years, but there is a new dog in town on RHONY and I have a hunch that we will see more of Dorinda's dog Lucy during the season. Could Lucy Medley be the next "it" dog in the franchise?

I feel like this pooch is going to give the other Real Housewives dogs a run for their money. Watch out Giggy Vanderpump, Cookie Frankel, and Kingsley Richards, there's a new dog in town and her name is Lucy. Let's check out some anecdotes that support Lucy's case to become one of the top dogs in the television franchise.

She Is Prepared For Rainy Weather

Lucy looked ready to brave some possible storms in her adorable doggy rain coat. Some dogs seem pretentious in little outfits, but Lucy just looks cute and cautious of bad weather.

She Is A Seasoned Traveler

She looks very nonchalant in the car on her way to a country vacation. It's like she was born for a life of luxurious getaways.

She Doesn't Mind Sharing The Spotlight

It's no secret that Dorinda's daughter Hannah is her number one priority and that's cool with Lucy. She does not mind sharing Dorinda's attention. She understands that she is not the only star in the family.

She Has Issues That Are Endearing To Viewers

Just because her owner is a wealthy Real Housewives cast member, that doesn't mean that everything in life is super easy for Lucy. Even her owner poked fun at her weight gain in this Instagram post. It's OK, we've all been there, girl.

She Is An Affectionate Pup

Lucy does whatever she can to make Dorinda happy. She poses for pics, participates in Instagram videos, and is willing to get all cuddly in public with doggy PDA. She really is such a precious scene stealer.

She Wears What She Has To For Dorinda

Dressing up like a duck might not be the most practical look, but Lucy sucks it up to make her owner happy.

She Participates In Silly Videos

Lucy is a champion for going along with Dorinda's Easter video. She does not look like she's having the most fun, but her mom is happy and that's all that matters.

We may not know Lucy Medley as well as the other Real Housewives pets, but it looks like there's some definite potential for to steal our hearts and become a new "it dog" in the franchise.