This 5-Year-Old Helped His Dad Propose On A Mountain, But Fails At Dealing With The Ring, Proving That Kids Are Cute But Useless — VIDEO

Some proposals are just impossible to turn down (well, ya know, if you love each other and want to get married). We've seen beautiful proposals in literature and watched countless proposal videos on YouTube, so we've been prepped for the ever-so-magical event that is a marriage proposal. Some of the proposals are sentimental, like the flipbook marriage proposal. Other proposals get caught on video and go viral, like this one of a son who helped his dad propose to his future wife.

Typically, the viral proposals are a bit of a turn off for me. They usually involve some sort of flash dance mob that ends with a crowd of people yelling, "Just say yes!" It's well suited for some, but personally, I think it sounds pretty stressful and overly ostentatious. But for this viral proposal, I make an exception because of just how heartwarming the circumstances are.

When you have children, it's important that they're on board with whomever you're going to marry. Creating a life with someone when you have a whole other human life to take care of is an amazing thing, but the parent is always concerned about how their marriage will impact their children. In the case of this man, it's clear that his son is ridiculously excited about his new wife, so much so that he assisted with the proposal. That's pretty much the dream.

Here's the adorable son helping his father propose to his girlfriend:

André Nordstrand on YouTube

I'm obsessed. So often I feel like the only proposals we catch on video are the uncomplicated ones that look picture perfect. It's a man and woman in their 20s tying the knot. And there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, that's beautiful. But this video is a wonderful reminder that not all families move in the "normal way" of having a marriage, and then a family. Some people come into a marriage with children already. (Side bar: Being a kid at your dad's wedding is a blast. I was 13 when my dad got remarried and it was so much fun. Most kids who watch their parents get married are extremely thankful they got to be part of their parent's wedding and witness a milestone other children never get to.) And this kid got to be part of the proposal too. He is LIVING.

If you're still riding the YouTube proposal train, I can't blame you. Here are a few other viral proposals to brighten up your day:

The ever clichéd but still adorable flash mob proposal:

MarvelsDanceCompany on YouTube

Just because I would never want this, doesn't mean I don't like watching it play out. Like, what an impressively synchronized proposal. That's what the magic of Disney is all about.

The hOtTesT, "most creative" marriage proposal EVER (according to them):

MrSteggard on YouTube

They claim it's the world's first live lip dub proposal. And, hey, that's lovely. But there's been a lot of lip dub proposals since. (And notice it's the same song as the last video. Can't ANYONE pick a better song?!) I am loving the incorporation of the whole family, though.

This couple that needs to be in the next Pitch Perfect movie:

ccjone01 on YouTube

Someone call Hollywood.

Image: YouTube