7 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Moments That Are Without A Doubt The Steamiest Of The Whole Franchise — VIDEO

The boys are back in town. The new Magic Mike XXL trailer shows off the return of Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and the other stripper hotties as they make their way through Florida for one final ab-tastic blowout. So, are you ready to see if he still has some magic in that Mike?

Plot-wise, Magic Mike XXL picks up a little bit after Tatum's character hung up his G-string to live a more quiet lifestyle in the first film, Magic Mike. As happens with this particular profession, however, sometimes you just get the itch again and have to go for just one more show. The remaining Kings of Tampa also want to join Mike in blissful retirement, but not after they get the band back together (sans Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer) for a final bow in Myrtle Beach. So... the movie is about a bus full of hot men with Man of Steel-worthy abs prepping to unleash too much sex appeal for us to handle? Where do I pre-order my ticket?

In addition to the returning hotties, Magic Mike XXL also stars Amber Heard, Donald Glover, Stephen "tWitch" Boss, Michael Strahan, Andie MacDowell, Elizabeth Banks and Jada Pinkett-Smith. We see a few of these players in the trailer, but — if I can get real for a moment — my eyes weren't looking for new faces.

And this trailer isn't even the full one! That will debut on Wednesday. I'm already sweatin' like a whore in church, I don't even wanna know what the full trailer will entail. Wait! Of course I do! In anticipation, here are the sexiest moments from today's new footage.

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1. The Magic In The Mike

Short answer: hell yeah! But I still wanna see the proof for myself. Just hearing Jada Pinkett0Smith speaking Mike's name and watching that pretty boy smirk the way he does is enough to put my butt in that seat.

2. Alcide's Last Ride

Apparently there is life after death on True Bloodand what a great life it is. We got a preview of why Bid Dick Richie got his name — but this is the sequel, so more is definitely on the horizon.

3. That Bus Full Of Men

Forget One Direction. I want to be a fly on the wall in this tour bus. Tatum, Manganiello, Nash, Bomer and Rodriguez all in one vehicle at the same time? Now it's a party.

4. Fifty Shades Hotter

After watching Fifty Shades of Grey , I vowed only Jamie Dornan would be allowed to put me in a sling...but I guess the boys from Tampa could do that, too.

5. The Luckiest Ladies In All The World

What do you think these extras had to do to be the ones jostled around and worked over by Tatum? It's hard to make out who the other man is next to him, though it looks like tWitch, the sexy hip-hop dancer from So You Think You Can Dance. Seriously, he's in this movie.

6. Jada Pinkett-Smith Man-Handling The Boys

Pinkett-Smith makes such a better stripper boss than McConaughey. (Though, that man can get it!) Hopefully there's a lot more of her giving her boys the business....you know what I mean. The real business.

7. Channing's Solo

Tatum was the one who showed the other actors the ropes when it came to poppin' and lockin', and, frankly, it wouldn't be a Magic Mike movie without at least some solo time for the man of the hour.