Where To Go To Sob In The Heart Of Luxury

Hey ladies, are you feelin' a little down? Looking for a good evening of tears and Tom Hanks? Want a sad night in, but not in your own home? Well, look no further than Tokyo's Mitsui Garden Yotsuya Hotel. Yeah, I know, it's Japan, so it's probably a "little far away" or whatever — but for only $83 a night, you can stay in one of their crying rooms made especially for all us emotional women.

Stocked with heated eye masks, makeup remover, and "special luxury tissues" (I'm intrigued — how exactly does one make a tissue "luxurious?") so that no one will ever know where you've been staying, the rooms are intended to help guests "de-stress or overcome any emotional problems that may be plaguing them," according to a recent press release. Also included in the deal are a number of sad manga comics and movies, including Forrest Gump and a Japanese movie called A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies about a momma dog and her three pups surviving the 2004 Chuetsu earthquake. Apparently Mari's tale is based on a true story, so I'm going to have to research that extensively and then cry silently at my table in Starbucks. See, crying rooms do come in handy! Or... something.

It should be noted that these rooms appear to be intended for women only, which is a fact by which I feel should be a little offended... but then again, I've literally written an article about the best YouTube videos to cry at so you can relieve a little stress and not fail your midterm exams. So I'm a pretty big proponent of self-care sobfests. Sometimes you just need to let it all out, you know?

Images: Monkey Business/Fotolia; Giphy