6 Times 'Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell Made Fans Jealous With Her Amazing Vacations — PHOTOS

Have you ever wanted to travel with a celebrity? Their vacations always seem luxurious, especially when they visit foreign lands, wonders of the world, exotic beaches, or just decide to spend a week at Walt Disney World. Wherever they vacation, there's no doubt celebs know how to do it right. One of those stars is definitely Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell, who is the vacation queen. Don't believe me? Well, seeing as Shay Mitchell just scored her own travel show, well, yeah, I think that proves my point.

On Tuesday, Collective Digital Studio announced Mitchell earned her own digital series titled Shaycation — how perfect is that? She already shared some videos on YouTube, so you can check out her vacations there. For those of you who follow the PLL actress on Instagram, you know how much Mitchell loves to travel. She flies all over the world and not just to promote Pretty Little Liars and her role as Emily Fields. Whether it's visiting Dubai or Morocco, the actress continues to make her fans jealous by sharing some of the most gorgeous and fun pics of her travels.

With that said, here are six times Mitchell made her followers want to go on vacation with her. Even if it meant having Big "A," aka Charles, follows us around the world with threats, I would still travel with Mitchell — that's how amazing these photos are.

When She Went To Dubai

When She Shared Her Moroccan Journey

When She Visited Mumbai

When She Shared Her Meaningful Trip To India

When She Vacationed In Bali

When She Planned Future Trips

So. Jealous.