8 Times 'Empire's Cookie Brilliantly Called Lucious Out On His Antics

As any fan will probably be able to recall, in the pilot episode of Empire , Lucious Lyon informs his three sons that he will be naming one of them as his successor within his company. For nearly 20 years, Lucious has worked steadily to build a multi-million dollar entertainment company, and, understandably, he wants to ensure his legacy by leaving the business to one his boys. Though things look plush and extravagant on the outside, however, it’s clear that Lucious took some ruthless measures in order to gain and maintain his prominence/wealth, and it's changed him a lot. Lucious’ reign of terror may have very well continued had fate not intervened... and by fate I mean his stunning, straight-shooting ex-wife, Cookie.

After her unexpected early release from prison, Cookie comes tearing through Lucious' life like a wreaking ball. She no longer recognizes the man that stands before her. Her ex-husband has become a monstrous egomaniac. While others feared Lucious, Cookie is quick to confront him, calling him out for his various wrongdoings and fighting for the man she once knew. After all, it's very difficult to give up on the people that you love, even when they have proven time and time again that they're beyond saving. Plus, it was always extremely entertaining to watch Cookie put Lucious back in his place whenever he overstepped his boundaries.

Here are eight times Cookie called Lucious out on his antics.

When She Told Him She Wouldn't Be The "Other Woman"

In other words, Cookie doesn't share.

When Cookie Told Lucious She Would Not Be Kicked Out

After all, it was Cookie's money that helped start the company.

When She Told Him She Liked Him Better When He Had Nothing

You have to grow, but you don't have to change.

When She Gave Up on Rekindling A Romantic Relationship With Him


Tough love? Sort of!

When She Assured Lucious That She Knew He Had Secrets


Don't we all? (OK, not like Lucious, maybe, but still.)

When She Called Him Out For His Sexism & Petty Jealously

Like, y'know, the cheating... the lying... etc., etc.

When She Let Him Know He Had No One Left To Turn To


Harsh, but he deserved it.

The Time She Completely Gave Up on Him

Though they once shared a loving bond, it's very clear that Cookie no longer has time for Lucious and his games.

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