Cat Purrs Have Healing Powers Because Science

Great news for cat lovers: You now have a perfectly good excuse to become a crazy cat lady. Even in all this time we had celebrities who were closet crazy cat ladies, it still wasn't enough to shake the stigma. But now science is stepping in, and it's official: Cat purrs are good for you. They have therapeutic healing powers. Cancel your next massage, get rid of your scented candles, and go buy a cat, friends. The time is now.

While I'll admit to having a good laugh over this news, I do sort of see the validity. Often people with mental illness are told to try being around animals, to see if it can help their spirits. Something about the comfort a canine/feline companion can provide can actually help someone feel less depressed or anxious on a daily basis. There are even a few colleges that invite animal shelters (or organize a trip to animal shelters) so their students can decompress by playing with puppies and kitties during finals week.

Here's the ~science~ behind it all: Cat purr vibrations are in the 20 Hz to 140 Hz range, which means their purring itself can have a therapeutic effect. Like a vibrator. But not.

No, really, though. That amount of vibration can have a positive effect of those struggling with mental illness. In addition, it can help:

  1. Lower your stress levels
  2. Decrease dysponea symptoms
  3. Lower blood pressure
  4. Heal bones
  5. Reduce risk of heart attack
  6. Heal infection or swelling
  7. Heal muscles, tendons and ligaments

If this has inspired you to go out and adopt a cat, power to you. I think that's a fantastic plan. However, if you're like me and aren't quite ready for an animal in your life because you're still trying to learn to properly feed yourself, then don't fret: Here are a few Insta-Kitties you can follow. Maybe they won't be purring right next to you, and you can't fully reap the benefits of their healing powers, but they still might help lower your stress level:

1. Nala The Cat

She's a 4-year-old Siamese and Tabby mix. She also pulls off the shark look from time to time, because she's whimsical like that.

2. Roku The Cat

Roku The Cat is one of those 'grams where you can literally hear the purring. So maybe there is an element of therapy to this account.

3. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

This cat has a handlebar mustache and somehow they always refer to him as "Hammy." What more could you possibly want? I'd assume he eats only the most ~organic~ cat food.

4. Lil Bub (obviously)

Welcome to the Cat-Gram holy land. Lil Bub is everything a viral cat lover wants, needs and aspires to. He's duking it out for top cat spot against Grumpy Cat, but I figured Bub was slightly more therapeutic.

Images: uzi978/Flickr; Giphy