Cate Blanchett Attended Venice's Biennale Arts Exhibition & Looked Elegant In Emerald

The Queen of Chic has done it again, ladies and gents. Cate Blanchett went to Venice's Biennale arts exhibition, and wore the most stunning all green dress you could ever imagine. Elegant in emerald, much?

Blanchett's Cinderella press tour style absolutely nailed it (she even stole the style game from Lily James a time or two), and now she's one upping herself with her latest appearance across the pond in Italy. The 45-year-old was in town for the 56th annual art exhibition on Tuesday, and chose a three quarter sleeved, full length green gown for the occasion. The dress was mostly plain and simple, but it featured some tasteful beading and sequins around her bust.

The Hobbit actress paired the frock with kitten heeled mary-janes, and forwent accessories in favor of a more natural, casual look. With minimal makeup and her hair swept back in a low bun, Blanchett was the picture of effortless glamor and sophistication. And the shots of her exiting an Italian wooden boat on the canal with her oversized sunnies on? Oh, it was just all kinds of old world elegance.

Keep the sartorial stunners coming, Cate. You really never let us down.


Images: Getty Images