The Very Best Sleeping Positions For Couples

Sharing a bed can be tricky business. Thankfully, the Swimmingly team has put together a handy guide of the best sleeping positions for couples. They’ve also included the worst, because we’ve all experienced them. At least having a guide should help give you an idea of what to avoid.

As a single girl, I’m currently enjoying the unlisted Loner, but Swimmingly and I both recommend the Barely There for the warmer months. Through the winter and the subsequent cuffing season, finding somebody to share a bed with might have been a necessary survival tool. But as we move into spring (and what already feels like summer on some Texas days) it’s about surviving sharing a bed in the heat. ‘Cause with the heat comes the tossing and turning to get comfortable, moving you into dangerous no-sleep territory.

If you haven’t quite figured out how to share a bed without being a complete nuisance to your partner, take a look at the guide below. You’ll notice how easy it is for the most innocent poses to turn uncomfortable — possibly deadly, just look at the Headlock. As long as you avoid that and don’t hog the blankets, you should be fine. Unless you have pets. Then you’re on your own because pets are a wildcard.

Images: Courtesy of Allison Pottasch/Swimmingly (2)