When Does 'Schitt's Creek' Season 2 Premiere? 5 Reasons To Hope Season 2 Of This Canadian Comedy Goes International

In this year, when some comedic hard-hitters like Parks & Recreation had their final episodes, the Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek was a surprisingly great new comedy, proving, along a few other new series like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, that sitcoms are still awesome. So now that Season 1 is over, when is Schitt's Creek returning for Season 2? The show was picked up for a second season before the first had even premiered, so there will absolutely be more, it's just a question of when it will become available to American audiences. Luckily, there's some info out there: Schitt's Creek Season 2 will premiere in winter 2016, according to The Huffington Post.

But the amazing thing is just how great this show has been, even with only one season under its belt. So many great comedies star Canadians or were made in Canada (and some non-comedies; I'm looking at you, Orphan Black), that I'm excited to see more shows come across the northern border. Currently, the show is broadcast in America on Pop TV, a minor cable network. (Check out their website if you need help locating the channel.) And if you haven't gotten the chance to watch Season 1, get on it before 2016, because this show is so good, you're going to want time to savor Season 1.

Skeptical? Seriously, there are a ton of reasons to fall in love with Schitt's Creek... but here are my top five.

1. Catherine O'Hara

She's the true MVP of the show. She's been performing comedy with Eugene Levy since the SCTV days, and every reaction she has is perfectly timed, somehow it always seems like she has the best dialogue, and she more consistently delivers laughs than anyone else in the cast.

2. Catherine O'Hara's Wardrobe

I spoke too soon, this is the real MVP of the show. All of the clothes are fabulous, actually, but the way the designers are able to work with only black and white is the perfect mix between Kris Jenner and Delia Deetz.

3. It's A Genuinely Good Kardashian Spoof

Most of the time when people try to mock TV's royal family, they pick on the least interesting things — the K names, their accents — and ignore that these people would be utterly useless outside of Calabasas. That's what Schitt's Creek is all about.

4. It Gets Class Comedy Right

Right now, the one percent seems like they could use a lesson in how the rest of us live. At the same time, as a comedy, you want the Schitts to encounter characters who will make things funny, awkward, and uncomfortable, so the show is able to split the difference between yokel humor and lazy rich people jokes.

5. The Levy Family Is Funny

Texas47 TV on YouTube

Nepotism doesn't usually produce shows this good. When Dan Levy had the idea for this show, of course he'd want to collaborate with his dad Eugene — he's been doing comedy since SCTV. And the combination has resulted in sheer perfection.

Hail nepotism! (As long as it keeps me laughing, anyway.)

Image: Pop TV; Giphy (2)