Oliver Peoples & Public School Collaborate For What Could Be The Coolest Sunglasses Collection Of 2015

Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, the geniuses behind Public School, absolutely killed it at the Met Gala last night, donning their usual pajama-cool aesthetic. No one mixes high and low fashion better than this dynamic duo, and with their recent takeover as DKNY's new creative directors, it seems like they're going nowhere but up. And we've just heard of another one of their killer collaborations: Public School and Oliver Peoples are teaming up for an eyewear collection.

The line will comprise of three vintage-inspired frames, which were featured in Public School's Fall 2015 collection during New York Fashion Week. The frames will come in two black options, along with an opaque gray option, according to Complex. And, you can start shopping these sick sunnies this June at Oliver Peoples boutiques and select stores worldwide.

If you aren't familiar with Oliver Peoples, they are eyewear makers that started in 1987, with deep roots in California. Music, fashion, film, and art all inspire the brand, and each frame is handmade. Basically, as a fellow glasses girl, I have a huge boner for this company, and wear their beautiful frames exclusively.

And knowing Public School and judging from the sneak peek photo, these sunglasses are going to be nothing short of sleek. They look like a classic pair of glasses that can be worn dressed up or down, and make you look chic as hell today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now. And while pricing is a little steep—$495—you can't beat a timeless frame that you'll wear over and over again forever. I'll sure be saving up.

Images: @four_pins/Twitter