Robert Herjavec & Kym Johnson Were Eliminated On 'Dancing With The Stars' So What's Next For Their Relationship?

As part of Tuesday's Double Jeopardy, Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson were eliminated on Dancing With the Stars. It's sad to see them go, not just because they were lovely dancers, but because they were also a totally an adorable couple. Although they haven't confirmed any kind of romantic relationship, anyone with eyes can see that there are feelings there. So naturally with their time on the show over, 'shippers are concerned about what's next for Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson's relationship. Host Erin Andrews has been a fan of the pair all season and she was especially worried about what's to come for the duo.

She begged them to tell her good news, but they both dodged the question — again. "I'm so honored to have been able to do this it was so much fun," Herjavec said, sticking to talking only about the show. "It was the best season," Johnson agreed. "I loved being back."

Erin Andrews was less than thrilled with this non-answer, but host Tom Bergeron stepped in to try to decipher the meaning behind their words. "You may not have won a Mirrorball trophy but I'm suspecting you won someone's heart. That's not bad," he said, alluding to Johnson. But Herjavec was having none of that. "Tom, I'm not sure I feel that way about you," he joked.

"That's annoying! Answer the question," Andrews said, clearly frustrated as the two walked away. She's been trying to get them to admit all season that they like each other. But just because they don't say it, doesn't mean there isn't something more there. The pair was even caught secretly kissing during a rehearsal after each saying, "I love you."

It's fine with me if they want to keep teasing us by not admitting anything, just as long as they stay together — they're too cute to walk away from each other completely.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC