Chris Soules Was Eliminated On 'Dancing With The Stars' But He Should Be So Proud Of His Journey

Although I'm not surprised, I am a little sad to report that in addition to Robert Herjavec being sent home, The Bachelor's Chris Soules was also eliminated on Dancing With the Stars. The rough two-team elimination night sent home the season's weakest dancers, which is good news for the integrity of the competition, but bad news for people who liked watching sweet millionaires and corn farmers dance. I totally understand that they weren't the best, but I'm going to miss them. To come from no dance experience and make it this far in the competition is no easy feat. And while he was so disappointed that he cried, Chris Soules should be really proud of his journey on DWTS .

The dorky corn farmer came into the competition barely able to move his feet, but he left with some actual skills. (His fiancee Whitney Bischoff will at least be able to go dancing for a date night with him now.) At his lowest Soules and his partner Witney Carson scored a 21 out of 40. But, during their last week of competition, they scored a 34. It's that kind of improvement that's what the show is all about. It's about taking stars who may have never danced in their lives and helping them get better and more confident each and every week.

Soules was emotional about his exit, but maintained a positive attitude about the experience. "This has been fun," he said through his tears. "It's been an incredible experience that I'm just thankful to be a part of ... it's just been life changing I'm forever grateful."

He may not have gone all the way to the finale, but Soules achieved more than anyone thought he could. Although he has to go back to Iowa now, he should always be so proud of how much he accomplished in just a few short weeks.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC