Elizabeth & David Are Getting Divorced On 'Finding Carter', But They Never Really Tried To Make It Work

Let's take a moment to thank our lucky stars that we haven't been looking to Elizabeth and David for relationship inspiration. These two never really had the strongest marriage we've ever seen, but Finding Carter Season 2 has really put Carter's parents to the test and, well, they've failed with flying colors. Earlier this season, David revealed his affair with Lori on Finding Carter and he and Elizabeth decided to consciously uncouple while they sorted things out. But, apparently, things can't be "sorted out" in the Wilson household because on Tuesday's Finding Carter Elizabeth asked David for a divorce even though they never really tried to make things work.

Here's my issue with Elizabeth wanting a divorce — she basically went from "taking some time to work things out" to kissing Kyle as if she were no longer married. If Elizabeth tried to move on from David's betrayal and the feeling that his affair was what led to Carter's kidnapping, the series didn't show it. Mostly, we saw David and Elizabeth both be extremely self-centered, rekindle old flames, start new ones, and continue to ignore Grant until he needed to see a therapist. At no point — except for maybe when they went to meet with Abby about Carter's college plans — did David and Elizabeth get together and make an attempt to sort things out for their family.

I know that this type of damage runs extremely deep and Elizabeth's choice to end the marriage is the right thing if that's right for her wellbeing, but Tuesday's decision seemed a little hasty. But, even though David was kind of a little nerdy and Elizabeth didn't need his help dealing with Shay, they still seemed to have their parental teamwork schtick going strong. So, why doesn't Elizabeth want to actually give reconciliation an actual effort? Did Finding Carter just reveal that Elizabeth's feelings for Kyle are a lot stronger than just an affair?

David seemed totally caught off-guard by Elizabeth's decision to end their marriage for good, which was also surprising considering his relationship with his TA, but even he seemed to give up far too easily. It just seemed like one day they separated, the same day they both started seeing other people, they spent no time "working things out," and then just decided that divorce was the best option. Have Elizabeth or David even thought about what this is going to do to Taylor and Grant — those two are taking their separation harder than Carter and they're clearly not going to be OK when this all goes up in flames. At least make an effort for the kids, you two.

Image: screengrab/MTV