Is David Responsible For The 'Finding Carter' Kidnapping? 4 Theories That Point To His Involvement

David is certainly not the most popular of characters on Finding Carter. Pretty much everyone hates him. Let’s be clear: Even though Lori is the one who actually physically kidnapped a then-three-year-old Carter and kept her from her real family for 13 years, David, Carter’s real father, is the worst person on the show. Over the course of Season 1, David lied to…well, literally everyone in his life. He told Carter he wouldn’t continue to profit off of her misfortune by writing another book about her; he told his wife, Elizabeth, that he had book money coming in; and he pretty much ignored his other two kids, Taylor and Grant. The guy obviously has some secrets, and I, for one, totally think David was involved with Carter's kidnapping, as do many fans of the show.

Theories abound online, and most of them focus on one relationship: David and Lori. The two must have shared some kind of history before Lori decided to snatch Carter off of David’s front lawn, and I, like my Internet brethren, am determined to find out what it was. I combed through the web to find the best theories on why David is such a lying liar, and though some are farfetched, nothing is too crazy for Finding Carter.

Lori Was Surrogate To David’s Babies (And His Mistress)

Twitter user @torilovesyou93 speculates that David and Lori were doing the hibbity dibbity either before or during her serving as a surrogate for Elizabeth and David to have Carter and Taylor. When David broke it off, Lori snapped, thinking she was entitled to the twins because she carried them. This seems legit, but one note: don't you think the Wilsons would have done a background check on Lori, looking for any signs of mental illness? Elizabeth is a detective, for God’s sake.

Lori Had A Miscarriage & Resented David's Children With Elizabeth

Tumblr user thereamyarmy thinks that David and Lori hooked up, and he got her pregnant. When Lori had a miscarriage, she was devastated, but not as devastated as when she realized that David had children with Elizabeth. She blamed David for all of this and then took Carter as revenge.

David Had Carter Kidnapped For The Ransom Cash

Bustle writer Kaitlin Reilly came up with this great theory. David can barely support his family now off of his writing earnings, so think about how much the family must have been struggling pre-Carter abduction, which is also before Elizabeth became a detective. It’s possible that David and Lori arranged the kidnapping so that Elizabeth’s wealthy parents would pay a ransom to get Carter back (they would have to pay, as Elizabeth and David were dead broke) and then he and Lori could split the cash. Obviously, the plan went awry when Lori did not return with David’s daughter and instead took Carter for herself.

David Made Lori Have An Abortion & Gabe Is The Girls’ Half-Brother

The way this all starts out, according to Tumblr user when-stars-dance, is the same: David and Lori are doing it. But when Lori gets pregnant, David pressures her to get an abortion, and she does. At the same time, Elizabeth and Kyle (Gabe’s dad and her co-worker) are having their affair, and Elizabeth becomes pregnant with the twins. Elizabeth and Kyle split, and she has the babies as her and David’s own. Lori is angry because David made her get rid of her baby, and now he has a whole big family with Elizabeth. This also explains why Elizabeth’s parents hate Grant, David’s only real biological child with Elizabeth: They hate David, too. So Lori kidnapped Carter for revenge, and this is all, once again, David’s fault.

Which, if any, of these Finding Carter David theories are true? Well, in a show as twisty and turny as Finding Carter, it could be all and none simultaneously. All I know is, I don’t trust that David as far as I can throw him, and obviously, neither do my fellow fans. We’re watching you, David.

Image: MTV; findingcarter/Tumblr (3)