Everyone You Love Is In This Movie

Mark and Jay Duplass, also known as the kings of the indie mumblecore genre, are executive producing your new favorite film. The brothers are teaming up with Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne, and Nick Kroll along with Ross Katz, the Oscar-nominated producer behind Lost In Translation and In the Bedroom to make Brother's Keeper. The dramedy is about an egocentric entrepreneur (played by Cannavale) whose business fails on the eve of its launch, forcing him to move back in with his pregnant sister.

If you hadn't already noticed, the film is already giving off some Blue Jasmine vibes, centering on the return to family after the American Dream comes crashing down on the head of a narcissistic protagonist. Since Cannavale was one of the main highlights of the excellent Woody Allen film, this parallel is nothing short of exciting. More importantly, we get to see the New Jersey native starring opposite his real life love, Rose Byrne. Did we mention we love Byrne? Easily the best part of Get Him to the Greek, she's held her own against the likes of Glenn Close in Damages and Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids.

But Byrne and Cannavale aren't the only reasons we are already desperate to see Brother's Keeper. The Duplass brothers can do no wrong, whether on The Mindy Project or making quiet, compelling films like Safety Not Guaranteed, Cyrus, and Jeff Who Lives at Home. Still, the multi-talented artist we're most excited to see is Mark Duplass's co-star on The League, Nick Kroll. Kroll actually co-wrote the story for Brother's Keeper, which automatically grants the whole production major cred since he's written some of the best skits, jokes, and characters in contemporary pop culture to date (Bobby Bottleservice, y'all). We are thrilled to see Kroll take on a more serious (albeit still funny) role, and even more thrilled he has the chance to work with Ross Katz, who brings the experience and critical acclaim to put this film over the edge. Until Brother's Keeper is made and released, we'll be counting the days.