Lana Del Rey, How Could You?!

File this one under "HOW DARE SHE?!": RadarOnline reports that Lana Del Rey was asked to sing at Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian, but Del Rey said no. You read that correctly. Lana Del Rey turned down an offer to be an integral part of the Kimye proposal. Kardashian loves Del Rey's song "Young & Beautiful," and West hoped to surprise her with the performance. Unfortunately, Del Rey pooped all over that party and said no. West hired an orchestra to play her song instead.

This story pains me. Let me break it down for you: if West asks you to help take out the trash after the AT&T Park Proposal Spectacular, you ask, "would you like the cans refilled with clear or black garbage bags?" If West asks you to set up the chairs for the orchestra before the ATTPPS, you reply, "I'll pick up some seat cushions, too!" If West asks you to buy enough umbrellas for everybody (preparation is key!), you go ahead and have an inflatable dome made to fit over the baseball field. If he asks you to sing while he proposes to Kardashian, YOU ACCEPT WITHOUT HESITATION.

I'm sorry. I'm letting my wild emotions cloud the rational portion of my mind. Del Rey can do what she wants to do. If she doesn't want to sing during a proposal, she doesn't have to do it. She isn't a puppet. Free will, et cetera. But holy bananas. Why wouldn't she want to do it?! Plus, and I'm just speculating here, I bet if she'd obliged to being a part of the ATTPPS, she'd be guaranteed seat at the Kimye wedding. Such a missed opportunity.

Eh, on the flip side: it might be for the best that she didn't sing during the proposal. This is so 2012 of me (and I hate to hold this one incident against her), but remember her Saturday Night Live performance? Of course you do. You're not a goldfish. Now, imagine her doing THAT while West pops the question to Kardashian. Squashes the beautiful, romantic, and personal moment like a bug, doesn't it? Which brings me to my next point: does West remember her SNL performance? Was he not worried about what she might do during the ATTPPS? Can someone please get Kris Jenner on the line? I need answers.