@DogDILFSOfTinder Instagram Is Making Us All Want To Date A Single Pet-Dad

In the vein of @HotDudesReading and @MenAndCoffee comes another platform for heart melting eye candy on the Internet: @DogDILFSOfTinder. This Instagram account brings us exactly what the name promises — photos of attractive Tinder men and their puppies. Although it's similar to the @HotDudesWithDogs account, these photos are directly from Tinder, giving all of us dating app users a little hope.

Now, I'm not going to lie — I am, in fact, a frequenter of Tinder. Though it hasn't brought me a love connection, it never ceases to bring me entertainment. I know women get a lot of hate for their cliche photographs — whether it be for our duck-faced selfies or the ever too present hot-dog-legged-good-literature-beach poses — but guys? You're not innocent in this, either.

If there's one thing Tinder has taught me, it's that guys have only five photos of themselves. There's an action shot of them being "sporty" (usually catching a frisbee or kicking a soccer ball), the photo with the kid (but it's usually his sister's), the one from the wedding (because it's the only time he's been in a suit since prom), the one of him drunk at the bar with his bros (because it's funny?), and lastly, the one with the dog. And in this regard, they know what they're doing, because seriously: Who can resist an adorable pooch? No one. That's who.

Well, thanks to Instagram, no longer will we have to mindlessly swipe past skydiving pictures and mirror flexing photos to get to the puppy gold:

I'm sorry. I don't know what's more adorable — the dog or the man-bun.

I haven't been this jealous of a dog since Air Bud was better than me at basketball.

And you play guitar? This is getting unfair.


I love you.


Don't worry, cat lovers. They've got you covered, too.

Am I the Grinch? Because my heart just grew 10 sizes.

OK, guys in my Tinder area. It's time to step your game up. And as for me? I'm going to go take a nice, long, cold shower.

Images: @DogDILFSOfTinder/Instagram (9)