The CFDA's Fashion App Is A Game-Changer

If you anxiously await the Council of Fashion Designers Of America Fashion Awards as if they're the Oscars and keep a running list of the latest up-and-coming designers to test-drive, there's now an app for that. Women's Wear Daily reports that the CFDA is linking with popular app Covet Fashion to create an unparalleled product. A world in which you can discover fresh design talent simply by snapping your fingers — or rather, swiping them — isn't a pipe dream anymore.

At present, Covet Fashion is one part virtual boutique, two parts personal stylist, and five parts addictive game. With a few touchpad strokes, users can instantaneously snap up designer wares after tailoring a look to their personalized avatar. And with a current selection of more than 150 brands for its 2.5 million users, Covet Fashion is already proving to be quite the trendy app.

In order to highlight burgeoning brands, the CFDA will provide items from talented, fledgling fashion companies for use in the design games for which Covet Fashion is known. As with the wares by more prominent brands offered on the app, the CFDA's chosen companies will provide products that can be styled into a look and subsequently acquired by users thanks to handy e-tailer links.

"Mobile is the fastest-growing commercial channel right now and engaging with a brand and their product versus just passively looking at pictures is crucial. It’s important for fashion designers to be in front of their consumers through every step of the purchasing journey,” explained Covet senior vice president of Covet Fashion Blair Ethington during an interview with Women's Wear Daily.

The next time your busy schedule of meetings, client lunches, and dinner dates is preventing you from scouring SoHo for the latest designer wares, just swipe right on your iPhone for instant sartorial gratification.