Are You The Arya Stark Of Your Family?

by Nick Romano

One of the best characters on Game of Thrones is Arya Stark. George R.R. Martin created a lil' tyke who's not afraid of anyone and plays by no one's rules but her own, and Maisie Williams is spectacular in the role. Despite some of her more harsh qualities, you might have more in common with Arya than you think. The youngest girl in the Stark family started out as the headstrong and spirited daughter of Ned, Lord of Winterfell. Despite getting pushed into ladyhood and forced to take up knitting, just like her sister, the controversial Sansa Stark, she refused to stay in a dress. Arya soon found her love of the sword and pursued it every chance she got. Then, when events beyond her control pushed her out into the world alone, she relied on her wit and perseverance to survive.

Now she's in Braavos training to become a Faceless Man — excuse me, Faceless Woman. Game of Thrones is currently in the midst of its fifth season, and I'm excited to see what she'll do next. There's a degree of wish fulfillment in a character like Arya, but, at the same time, she's also deeply relatable. It comes as no surprise that many people either see themselves in Arya, or wish they did.

Want to know if you're just like Arya Stark? Here are some ways to tell if you're the spunky badass of your family.

1. You Hate Traditionally Girly Things

Knitting? Curtsying? Cooking? Staying prim and proper? If you despise all these things, you might be an Arya. Don't even think about trying to marrying her off, because the ways of a housewife are not worthy of a "water dancer."

2. You Don't Do Well At Formal Events

The President of the United States could be sitting within the same banquet hall as you, and you'd still feel a sudden urge to make a public spectacle. This is also why you can't have nice things, because nice things aren't as fun as chucking globs of cow meat at your sister.

3. You're Wary Of Strangers

Your family are like a pack of dire wolves, which just so happens to be the animal sigil of your House. You stick together, especially when "winter is coming," and you are quick to question strangers.

4. You Have A Dark Edge

Do you march to the beat of your own drummer? Is that drummer Death? This can freak people out if you tell them this in a blunt manner, but you don't know any other way. When you spend your nights naming all the people you're going to kill, you develop anti-social behaviors.

5. You Never Forget Your Enemies

The Northerners of Westeros are famous for remembering their enemies, and Arya is one to fulfill her promises. God help those who wrong her, because she won't rest, not even for Death, until they have swords impaled in their eyes.

6. You Can Hulk Out At A Moment's Notice

As Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner so eloquently put it in The Avengers, "I'm always angry," and describes Arya, as well. If you're anything like her, then there's always a tantrum brewing inside of you the likes of which the world has never seen.

7. Your Look Is Worth 1,000 Words

Not every situation calls for a sassy quip. Sometimes all you need is a single look that beams right through someone's soul and sends shockwaves throughout the air.

8. You're Not Afraid To Stand Up To People Three Times Your Size

It doesn't matter what you look like or, more importantly, what you enemies look like in comparison. What matters is that, no matter the who you're facing down, you show no fear and no mercy.

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