'WWD' Mother's Day Quotes From The Fashion Set Are Both Touching And Hysterical

Mother's Day is a mere several days away, and if you're plum out of sweet gift ideas, you may simply wish to direct her towards Women's Wear Daily's "Momisms", a collection of quotes from bright young things who have a knack for fashion. As you might expect from a group of creatively talented individuals, the quotes are both poignant and witty, and in several cases, downright genius.

As it so happens, fashion isn't innate to all celebrities, and many credit their mothers with the innovative flair that landed them on a host of Best Dressed lists. Some advice is practical, and some misplaced, but all useful in some manner. Especially in matters of aesthetics, the most esteemed tastemakers of the epoch didn't just stumble onto their talent; many were encouraged by an equally talented and refined mother whose discriminating eye for style spawned an interest in the subject. Others were simply born to rebel from a traditional upbringing. Read on for the best mother-derived quotes Women's Wear Daily culled from celebrities.

1. Simon Porte Jacquemus


"My mother told me, 'The best weapon in life is the smile,'" "My mother told me, 'The best weapon in life is the smile,' " Jacquemus told WWD. Indeed, clothing does appear more beautiful on a smiling individual than one who is moodily pouting in the direction of the camera.

2. Michelle Monaghan


"Cross your legs," Michelle Monaghan admitted. Simple and utilitarian words from an astute woman.

3. Ennio Capasa


"My mother’s best advise is to always try to be myself," Costume National's Creative Director Ennio Capasa explained to Women's Wear Daily. Clearly, the advice was heeded.

4. Delfina Delettrez Fendi

Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"She’s allowed me great freedom, which comes with a sense of responsibility. Freedom to experiment with my body – dyeing my hair with the craziest colors, trying the worst tattoos I’ve since regretted – and with my style," jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi declared. Based upon Delettrez Fendi's thriving business, it seems that mother indeed did know best.

5. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac


"My mother’s pieces of advice was to stand straight, take a look to the horizon, and get up in the morning, even when I had partied until 4 a.m., like I did last night. To have constancy and determination," avant-garde designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac related. That tenacity has certainly done wonders for the sartorial guru's career.

6. Princess Caroline of Hanover


"My mother told me to always wear nice underwear,” Princess Caroline of Hanover revealed. Practical advice is just as essential to success as words of lofty encouragement.

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