TV Moms Vs. Moms IRL: What's The Difference?

Motherhood. Some would say it's the most rewarding (not to mention the most difficult) job in the world. But that all depends on who you're talking to, I suppose. In the case of most TV moms, the job can sometimes look way too easy. I mean, I only wish I could wake up looking that good every morning, and I don't even have any rambunctious kids to attend to. So why do all of these on-screen mothers always look so runway ready? Is that a true representation of what motherhood is really like? I mean, come on — you know the answer is "no." TV moms are nothing like moms IRL.

Don't get me wrong, though. I have fallen in love with many different television mothers throughout the years. In fact, my dream is to inevitably become a real-life version of Lorelai Gilmore. (An admirable goal which I'm sure we all share.) But let's face it, motherhood is not nearly as simple as they make it out to be on the small screen. Where are the sleepless nights and dirty diapers and situations that can't be immediately resolved within the span of a 30-minute episode? Real life does not come with its own soundtrack of cheesy (but effective) music, indicating that an important morality lesson is about to be taught.

The real world is messy and complicated. And since most people tune into TV shows to escape their reality woes, it's understandable that the whole process can get somewhat glazed over and sugar-coated at times. (Plus, witnessing a mom deal with a five-day-long temper tantrum wouldn't exactly be a ratings goldmine.) So just in case you're living in some sort of fantasy world, here is your much-needed wake up call.

TV moms are great and all, but real-life moms are the true heroes of this little story called life.

Images: Warner Bros.; Dawn Foster/Bustle