'The Hills' Spencer Pratt Is Now An Uncle

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are officially an aunt and uncle! On Sunday, The Hills star Holly Montag welcomed a baby boy named Isaiah Hawk Wilson weighing 7 pounds, 5 ounces, Us Weekly reports. This is the first child for Holly and her husband Richie Wilson. In January, Holly announced her pregnancy, and now that their child is here that means Spencer is so ready to be an uncle.

OK, I don't know if that's true, especially if you remember all those times Spencer didn't want to have kids with Heidi and each time he basically said he hated his kid neighbor Enzo. However, seeing as The Hills was somewhat fake, maybe Spencer really does love kids? Whatever the case, Isaiah is going to learn so much from his Uncle Spencer, including how to properly use crystals and how not to work, while sitting at home playing video games.

Here are eight lessons Isaiah will probably learn from his Uncle Spencer. But focusing on TV Spencer, rather than real life Spencer, because that's so much better, right? (And, hey, they could be the same person!) While starring on The Hills, Spencer taught viewers so many things and he'll do the very same for Isaiah — especially when his nephew watches The Hills.

It's Important To Keep It In Your Crystals

When isn't it important to always keep it in your crystals? It's the only way to keep you centered and calm.

Always Channel Your Inner Cowboy

When in doubt, wear a cowboy hat.

Playing Video Games Won't Make You Money

As exciting as it sound, sitting around playing video games won't make money. Sorry, Isaiah.

Don't Disrespect Others

Whether it was his friends, family, Lauren Conrad, Heidi's mom, or Holly Montag, Spencer never failed in disrespecting others and never treated them with an ounce of kindness or compassion. There's no doubt Isaiah will be appalled by his uncle's actions and do the opposite of him.

Friends & Family Are Important

Unlike Spencer, who never thought family and friends were important, Isaiah will go in the other direction and learn how important they actually are.

Eat Politely

Isaiah, this is not how you eat — ever.

Violence Isn't The Answer

How many fights did Spencer get into? Whatever the number, Isaiah, violence isn't the answer. Use your words — something your uncle was never really good at, unless he was being witty.

Avoid Drama — Always

And the #1 thing Isaiah will certainly take away after watching Uncle Spencer on The Hills: avoid drama at all costs. It's just not worth it.

Images: MTV; Giphy (6); cuntamination/Tumblr