20 Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas, For the Crafty Among Us

Giving store-bought gifts is SO 2012, don't you think? Creating homemade presents is one way to show off your Pinterest prowess this holiday season and, even if you aren't especially crafty, you can file your efforts in the it's-the-thought-that-counts category. We've rounded up 20 DIY gift ideas — sure to suit even if your crafting skills are more kindergarten student than Martha Stewart. From easy upcycling projects (picture frames turned jewelry displays!) to simple acts of alchemy (DIY witch-hazel body spray!), these homemade holiday gifts can be made without specialized skills or supplies. Bring out your inner Martha (or at least your inner child) with these DIY gifts.

Decorative Tea Towels

Fancy tea towels are all the rage on Etsy, but you can make your own with unbleached cotton towels and fabric paint. Learn how via Lana Red.

Image: Lana Red

DIY Snowglobes

A classic Christmas decoration made all the better when you DIY. Learn how with Whipperberry.

Image: Whipperberry

Healthy Homemade Marshmallows

Find out how to make all-natural, honey-sweetened marshmallows with Wellness Mama. Optional add-ins like Marshmallow Root and probiotics give these sweets healing properties.

Image: Wellness Mama

Lemon Thyme Salt Scrub

There's a reason salt and sugar scrubs always wind up on DIY holiday gift lists. Scrubs are easy to make, smell good, lend themselves to pretty packaging and can be used to clean, exfoliate, and soften skin. Food Plus Words has instructions for making an all-natural lemon and thyme salt scrub.

Image: Food Plus Words

Geode Rings


You can find geodes on ebay or Amazon or at flea markets and turn them into rings in two simple steps. Learn how at State of Unique.

Image: Fotolia

DIY Terrarium Kit

Terrariums are a popular DIY gift — but they can be hard to transport or wrap. Cut down on complications by giving DIY terrarium kits, like wit & whistle suggests.

Image: wit & whistle

Bleach & Print Pillows

Upcycle an old pillow into a one-of-a-kind pillow. Learn how via Instructables.

Image: Instructables

Homemade Lipstick

Make clear lip-gloss with beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil, or add natural tint with spices or beet root powder. Wellness Mama will show you how.

Image: Wellness Mama

Infused Vodka

Everyone loves a homemade gift, and everyone loves an alcoholic gift. Give the best of both worlds with DIY infused booze! Here's a tutorial for pomegranate and vanilla-infused vodka from Blisstree.

Image: Blisstree

Chalkboard Tray

Hello Lidy's chalkboard-paint tray: The perfect compliment to breakfast in bed.

Image: Hello Lidy

Home Cooked Potato Chips


Stand out amongst holiday sweet treats with these easy homemade potato chips, from Esquire.

Image: Fotolia

Leather Bracelet

For your most badass girlfriend: A buckled leather wrist wrap, made by yours truly. Learn how at Instructables.

Image: Instructables

Boozy Ornaments


Christmas tree ornaments that you can drink? Brilliant! Learn how via Trendhunter.

Image: Pixabay

Infused Salts


For foodie friends: Fancy, flavorful salts infused with red wine, espresso and bourbon. Learn how to infuse salts at Gave That.

Image: Fotolia

Easy DIY Mousepad

A basic mousepad can be a canvas for whatever you want. Here's some inspiration from Jessica Demaio of A Simple Kind of Life.

Image: A Simple Kind of Life

Fork Bracelet


Learn how to upcycle old silveware into jewelry via Stars for Streetlights.

Image: Fotolia

Witch Hazel Body Spray

Witch hazel is a natural astringent, antioxidant and acne fighter. Here's an easy way to turn witch hazel into an skin-freshening body spray, from Blisstree.

Image: Blisstree

Jewelry Rack

Give an old picture frame life as a simple but pretty jewelry rack. Learn how with The Indie Chicks.

Image: The Indie Chicks

Egg-Shaped Votive Candles

Turn old candle wax into cute, egg-shaped votives. Learn how at Gave That.

Image: Gave That

Lavender Eye Pillow


Give the gift of good sleep with this lavender eye mask via Decorating and Cooking for Christmas. Not only will it block out ambient light, but lavender has a calming effect.

Image: Fotolia