Harrison & Jimmy Got Close Last Night

Like Oprah before him, Jimmy Fallon decided to undergo the right of passage of getting his ears pierced on national television. He also decided not to let a professional or even a Claire's employee do the deed, but to instead let Harrison Ford pierce his precious Jimmy Fallon ears. Because why not, really?

"What the worse thing that could happen?" Fallon asked nervously, probably very well aware that the hashtag his crew was using for the night was #ThereWillBeBlood. "Could I get an infection?" he asked, to which Ford responded with a "Nah! You could bleed to death," because Harrison Ford's always been A+ at comforting people.

Ford's been making the rounds promoting Ender's Game, and between this and his interactions with Benedict Cumberbatch on The Graham Norton Show we are being very solidly reminded that Ford's curmudgeonly elderly cowboy thing works really damn well with a cheerfully earnest sidekick who is slightly afraid of him. We knew that already from Star Wars, but we're really starting to yearn for a buddy comedy.

Fallon handled the whole thing with only minimum-to-medium amounts of screaming, so he took it like a pro. And this means he has to wear that giant bejeweled feather as an earring every night now, right?