22 Health & Fitness Gift Ideas For Under $50

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They say good health is the greatest gift. But giving health-related gifts can be tricky. No one wants to intimate to a friend or loved one that they should get in better shape, lose weight or be more health-conscious. To make sure it doesn't seem like a hint, stick to gifts that relate to to the recipient's known (or shared) interests. If you've got an avid runner, yogi, cook, natural product nut, healthy foodie, etc. on your holiday shopping list, health and fitness gifts may be the ticket.

We've rounded up some holiday gift ideas tailored to specific pursuits — monogrammed yoga mats, runner-friendly gloves — as well as goods with wide appeal, like raw honey, spa gift cards and shared fitness activities. Here are 22 gift ideas to bring happy and healthy holiday cheer — for under $50.

Image: Unsplash

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