Sofia Vergara Showed Off Her Engagement Ring On 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' And It Left Everyone Speechless

It's rare that we get a close-up, high definition view of any celebrity engagement ring, and of course when we do, it is magical. Last night on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy made Sofia Vergara show off her engagement ring, and Jimmy's reaction was priceless. At first Jimmy rattles off "Ooh la la," and a bunch of other Spanish-sounding noises, and then he basically becomes speechless when he made the camera zoom onto that sparkler. (Yeah, we were speechless too, Jimmy).

Thanks to an instant replay of the ring zoomed-in over on Racked, we have the image of Sofia's ring permanently blinding our mind for unrealistic #ringgoals. We have seen close-ups of Sofia's ring on the red carpet since her engagement to Joe Manganiello in December, but never have we seen a view like this before. I knew it was big and sparkly, but I didn't know how big and sparkly it was, until now.

After Sofia showed off her ring to Jimmy, she nonchalantly and jokingly said, "He knew what I needed to be happy." Yes, we all need one of those shiny rocks to be happy, Sofia. But enough about her engagement ring — did you catch that diamond accent ring on her thumb? It looks great too, not to mention her black V-neck embellished dress that she wore on the show.

Watch the rest of Sofia's hilarious interview with Jimmy Fallon below.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

And the close-up, instant replay from Racked:

Wow. Just...*speechless*.