Oprah Can Still Make Major Bank Off Us

Oprah Winfrey is our ruler, there is no denying it. We may think she is hibernating sometimes in the years since her show went off the air, but nope: We will still jump when Oprah says jump, and we will still go wherever she tells us and probably buy what she tells us should our bank accounts allow for it. Which is why, of course, Oprah's yard sale this weekend made $600,000.

As our own Alicia Lutes mentioned in her covering of the yard sale's announcement, "the hero queen goddess of boss ladies and Nefertiti or something" was tired of her belongings, so she decided to give them to us for the highest price. And boy did she.

In a twist that surprised literally no one, people paid exorbitant amounts of money to own something that Oprah owned, all while Oprah stood to the sidelines and laughed in the general direction of the Swiss shopworker who thought she was too poor. Apparently about $60,000 — or about 10 percent of the day's sales — were spent on those super-old Louis XVI armchairs from the 18th Century. Regular belongs that no one should spend that much money on ever also multiplied in price, with an enlarged photo of her Oprahness priced at $200-$400 going for $3,000 instead because: Oprah.We would bet that $3,000 that Liz Lemon was in attendance.

Image: Instagram