Your Official Tom Hiddleston Hairstyle Ranking

Some people are just born with hair. Other people, though are born with silk pouring out of their blessed follicles — the exceedingly dapper Tom Hiddleston, for instance, is one of these God-like people. So much so, in fact, that I’m not sure why he isn’t perpetually starring in a shampoo and/or conditioner commercial! (Seriously hair product guys, wake up.) Anyway, being that Hiddleston has such healthy, malleable locks, Hollywood has truly put him to the hair test time and again. Whether for movie rolls or a red carpet stroll, Tom Hiddleston has had many different hairstyles, ranging from blonde to brown, to long to curly.

If you think that the Thor actor can never look bad, no matter what costume he’s in or what his hairstylists and makeup artists do to him, you’d be right — you'd be so very right. Hiddleston is beautiful in all forms, obviously — like, to the point that you could throw him in a potato sack and give him a buzz cut, and the dude would still somehow make it work. But, despite his ability to look good in any sort of fashion with any sort of hairstyle, some of the hairstyles he’s rocked have trumped others. They’re still all special in their own way, but still, there's a ranking.

So, let’s take a look at Tom Hiddleston’s hairstyles, ranked. Hey, we’re all way too preoccupied with every aspect of him anyway, so why not?

8. The Loki

While he somehow manages to rock the dark hair/long locks style, it's not his best look.

7. The Middle Part

His curls have definitely seen better days.

6. The Au Naturale

A tad too long for my liking, but Hiddleston has never had a bad hairstyle — just less great ones.

5. The Controlled Chaos

So effortless, so sexy. *Fans self*

4. The Slicked Side Part

Sophisticated — and actually back in style. What a trendsetter!

3. The Felicity

I just wanna run my fingers through it.

2. The Bradley Cooper

Apparently, this look works for just about everyone.

1. The "Oh, Hell Yes"

What? I'm not crying!

...OK, I am.

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