10 Things To Say To Mom On Mother's Day That You Wish You Had Told Her By Now Anyway

It's almost Mother's Day, the time when we all reflect on our relationships with our mothers and think about the things we wish we had told our moms by now. Most of us didn't grow up with our mom as our best friend, like, say, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Few mother-daughter teams out there have that kind of perfect relationship (mainly because it's a TV show and it's not real, but I digress). A lot of of us grew up in an intense love-hate relationship with our moms, much like the very relatable relationship between Tami and Julie Taylor. We fought with her constantly, we struggled to have power over her, and we ignored the wonderful things she did for us even though it made us feel like crap.

So it goes without saying that there are probably a lot of things we've never said to our mom that we kind of wish we could say. As we get older, our relationship with our mom changes. I know that once I got out of my angsty teen stage, I gained a whole new level of respect for my mom and what she did (and does) for my family and me. I'm always thinking about the horrible things I said to her when I was younger, and while I can't take them back, I can make up for it by saying the things she deserves to hear now.

As sad as it is to think about, there will be a day when your mom isn't around to hear the things you want to tell her. Don't wait that long to let her know how much you love and appreciate her! Not sure what to write in your Mother's Day card this year? Here are 10 things you wish you said to your mom when you were younger that you can say now.

1. Thank you for not letting me hang out with those people I wanted to hang out with who actually turned out to be total dirtbags.

I know I was mad at the time, but you probably saved me a lot of trouble.

2. I'm sorry for lying to you about literally everything.

Remember when I told you I was going for a run every day after school? Yeah, I was meeting up with my boyfriend.

3. Thank you for forcing me to do my schoolwork.

You taught me how to get stuff done, and I really do appreciate that.

4. You inspire me.

I don't say that enough.

5. I'm so glad you're here.

I know I told you "I hate you" countless times, but I don't, and I never did.

6. Do what YOU want once in a while instead of sacrificing yourself to do what I want.

I love that you put me first, but I want you to put YOU first sometimes too.

7. Buy yourself something nice.

You deserve it.

8. I'm sorry for running to dad when you said no to me.

I just really liked getting my way.

9. You were right about that one thing, OK?


10. I've always wanted to make you proud. I hate when you're disappointed in me.

That's the real reason I would get so angry and defensive. I love you.

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