Is Thea Becoming Speedy On 'Arrow'? The Arsenal Outfit Could Be The First Step To A New Identity

Arrow fans have been eagerly anticipating the moment when Thea and Roy would reunite ever since she found out that he was still alive and well. And while it's true that their little romantic rendezvous during Wednesday night's episode "This Is Your Sword" was everything we wanted it to be (sexy hook up and all), it also came with a rather interesting twist for Thea's story arc. It's been a long time coming, but it finally looks like Thea is becoming Speedy on Arrow once and for all. That's the good news. The bad news is that it looks like Roy has absolutely no intention of returning to Starling City anytime in the near future. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

After Thea woke up in a now Roy-less apartment, she went to his work in the hopes of finding him only to discover that he had just quit that morning and left her a heartfelt goodbye note. But this message contained much more than sentimental words. At the end of the note, Roy thanks her for bringing him his old Arsenal outfit, but insists that red was really always more her color than his. Hmmm… anyone else getting the distinct impression that this will give Thea the idea to take over his vigilante reigns?

There have been hints since Day 1 that Thea would one day become Speedy, best known in the D.C. Comics as the Green Arrow's sidekick. And now that Roy is no longer around to take up the sidekick mantle, it would make sense if Thea opted to fill in his red shoes. Or in this case… red jacket. Sure, I suppose that the writers could choose to stick with the name Arsenal, but really I think Speedy would make way more sense. It's the nickname Oliver has always called her, but she's more than earned her own cool vigilante name.

She has the skills and now, thanks to Roy, she has the proper wardrobe. Sounds like the perfect recipe to introduce a new superhero. And I say, bring it on!

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW